Benvenuti sul sito di Pirali serramenti

Serramenti e infissi in legno ad Armeno - Novara da cinque generazioni

Produzione Serramenti - Pirali - Armeno Novara

For five generations, the Piralifamily deals with wood processing: a passion with a lot of history that has been renewed over time

Pirali Serramentidi Armenoin the province of Novarahas a modern laboratory equipped with numerical control work centers for woodworking, bonding and painting of wood and a large stock of seasoned lumber in various essences.

Pirali The company has always offered high quality products such as, windows , shutters , antoni and interior doors .

Also a wide range of other products connected to the windows and fixtures.

Our range also ranges from painting and finishing services , installation and tailor made .

Tax deduction for replacing the window frames by 65%

Produzione Serramenti

Pirali  Serramenti - Serramenti

Pirali Serramenti di Armeno - Novara is the sale and manufacture of wooden and aluminum window frames

Produzione Persiane

Pirali Serramenti - Persiane

From Pirali Serramenti you will find a wide selection of shutters for your home.

Produzione Porte entrata

Porte entrata

From Pirali Serramenti you can find custom entrance doors in solid or lamellar wood.

Produzione Porte interne

Pirali Serramenti - Porte Interne

If you are looking for beautiful and resistant door entry and door entrances to the window-dressers, Pirali Serramenti di Armeno - Novara

Produzione Antoni

Pirali Serramenti - Antoni

Strong and resistant Antoni from Pirali Serramenti, we only provide the highest quality for your satisfaction.


Realizzazioni in legno

Some of the achievements of Pirali Serramenti di Armeno - Novara

Verniciatura e finiture

Servizi di Verniciatura e finiture

For 30 years Pirali Serramenti offers water-based Gori Paint service.

Posa in opera

Posa in opera

At the end of the factory production, Pirali Serramenti offers the installation service.

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