Servizi di Verniciatura e Posa in Opera

Pirali Serramenti e i suoi servizi di posa e verniciatura

Pirali Serramenti, besides selling and manufacturing, offers installation and painting services.

Our company does not delegate these services as it is aware of its professionalism that it wants to offer its customers a finished product with a final result that meets expectations.

Pirali Serramenti operates inaddition to the Novaraarea in Borgomanero, Arona, Milan and Lake Maggiore area.

Verniciatura e finiture

Pirali Serramenti - Servizi di Verniciatura e finiture

For 30 years Pirali Serramenti offers water-based Gori Paint service.

Posa in opera

Pirali Serramenti - Posa in opera

At the end of the factory production, Pirali Serramenti offers the installation service.

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