Verniciatura Gori

Pirali Serramenti e il servizio di verniciatura

Water-based castingis our specialty since we have been using it for nearly 30 years. For the best protection over time windows should be well-constructed and with good materials, but painting plays a very important role. That's why we have chosen GORI, which at European level has developed the best wood-varnish paints. The GORI painting cycle is based on 4 varnishing treatments to offer the best guarantee on the surface and on the surface the best guarantee over time. The various treatments are carried out in a tub or spray in a controlled temperature room in accordancewith the worst-casecriteria.

At standard painting we have also joined some special treatmentsthat enhance the aesthetic characteristics of wood:

  1. Brushing:To make the wood grain stand out, creating an "antique" effect, it is possible to run ours. Window frames with a surface brushing treatment. This is done on a machine equipped with rotating brushes that remove the softest part of the surface wood in the vein interval (hard part). The result obtained enhances the grain of the wood and gives it a lived and ancient look. It is a suitable treatment in restoration or restoration of historic buildings.
  2. Tinted Brush: Itis a treatment similar to the previous, but more pronounced and suitable for those who want to get very rustic effects
  3. Waxtreatments :are finishing treatments on the inside, leaving the natural wood to be treated with hand-woven beeswax.
  4. Bicolor:for those who want to distinguish the outside color from the inside, which can be associated with different colors or finishes.
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